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Alvin Kamara

Breakouts, Studs, Sleepers, Late Round Fliers and more…

Round by Round is a series of articles written about NFL players from every round of your fantasy football draft. I am using their ADP (Average Draft Position – FantasyPros ADP) to determine what round they currently are in, and I am basing this on 12 team leagues. Some of these players you may know, and some you might not know at all. It is our goal to help you make the best decisions in your fantasy football redraft leagues. I’m not necessarily advocating for drafting these players over other players. I am just drawing some attention to players you may overlook because you forgot what they have done or you don’t know much about them to begin with or I just feel like talking about them.

Alvin Kamara


  In the first round, there’s the “safe”, well known players: Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Odell Beckham Jr., Ezekiel Elliott, Melvin Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, and Todd Gurley. There are a few not so well known, “safe” players: David Johnson, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley, Kareem Hunt & Leonard Fournette. You may know who they are, but I might give you a detail or two that changes your opinion. 

One of  the “lesser known” NFL players in the first round is running back Alvin Kamara. On 120 rushing attempts, and 81 receptions in 2017, Kamara had 1554 all purpose yards and 13 touchdowns, which made him an RB1, 4th among running backs. I had him in my main league last season, and I love him, but I consider him an early second round pick because Ingram is a talented running back and he’s still on the Saints too. I am not convinced Kamara can carry the whole workload or that the Saints want him to carry the whole workload.

I love Kamara. I drafted him with my last pick in the 2017 draft. Even though Ingram and AP were there, I believed in him anyway because of his talent, and the way the team uses running backs. I never thought he would contribute as much as he did, but I did know that in years prior, Mark Ingram has hurt my team by being injured in the fantasy football playoffs and championships. So, I thought I would take Kamara because of his immense talents, AP’s age and Ingram’s injury history.

In my main league, I went to the playoffs on the back of Kamara last season because Demarco Murray and Mike Evans failed me with my first two picks. Thank the fantasy football Gods for Kamara last season. That said, my bias and love for Kamara exposed, 5th overall is a bit high for him because I’m not certain he can do the whole job by himself. Can he get 20-25 touches a game and 5 plus receptions a game? Yes, it’s possible, but I think unlikely. It’s not that I don’t think he’s capable of it. Rather, I am more concerned the Saints are going to utilize other running backs too, making Kamara a 10-15 touch guy with 5 plus targets a game.

He was part of a superior two headed monster that confused the opponents in 2017. They will do more of that and add some more throwing touchdowns, which does bode well for Kamara. While both backs are uber talented, I believe Ingram is the bruiser, first and second down back, and probably the goal line back, when healthy. Kamara’s role seems to be in the passing game, but not exclusively, and not necessarily. I’m so confused – I love him, but I can’t take him where he’s going – AAARGGGHHH!

At the very least, at the front end of the first round, I would rather have someone in a more solid, every down back, and receiving back role, like Melvin Gordon, Saquon Barkley, and Leonard Fournette. In my opinion, he’s not in that solid position, yet. As long as Ingram is healthy, which he is, then Kamara cannot have that main back role, which puts him in the second round, to me. Although, he’s on a powerhouse team with Drew Brees, coached by a Fantasy Friendly staff. I have Kamara ranked 6th overall, as of today, which happens to be his ADP right now too, but I am sure he will drop as the preseason rolls around because the realization about how he’ll be used, as I outlined, will be more cemented based on seeing the Saints run their offense.

This season, the situation will be somewhat reversed from last season because Kamara is starting the season and Ingram will miss the first 4 games. This makes me think Ingram will have fresh legs and will be the more valuable fantasy asset in the latter half of the season. I think Kamara is amazing, but priced a bit high. Ingram will be back in game 5 for the saints, and he will get the ball. Yes, he will.  

I may end up with Kamara in my main league this season considering my 6th draft spot, but I am seriously concerned about taking him that high. I may have a bias because of where I drafted him last season, last pick in the 16th round, but I think my concerns are justified as well. I expected him to go up to the second round this season, but not the first round! If it wasn’t for Ingrams suspension, he would have been priced more properly. I think I am going to try to get someone else in this spot, but I am not totally against taking Kamara here either – Yes, I am still a bit confused. I would rather draft Saquon or David Johnson in the 6th spot, but it seems, right now, it’s between Mr. consistent Antonio Brown or Second year Alvin Kamara, and I would rather have a running back than a wide receiver with my first round pick.

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