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Round 3 – Stefon Diggs

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Round by Round is a series of articles written about NFL players from every round of your fantasy football draft. I am using their ADP (Average Draft Position – FantasyPros ADP) to determine what round they currently are in, and I am basing this on 12 team leagues. Some of these players you may know, and some you might not know at all. It is our goal to help you make the best decisions in your fantasy football redraft leagues. I’m not necessarily advocating for drafting these players over other players. I am just drawing some attention to players you may overlook because you forgot what they have done or you don’t know much about them to begin with or I just feel like talking about them.

Stefon Diggs


 In the final year of his rookie contract, Stefon Diggs should have a big season. That’s what I believe. The Vikings had a successful 2017 campaign, getting into the playoffs, and they are looking to build on that by adding Quarterback Kirk Cousins. Diggs is the number one Wide Receiver on the team, but he’s treated by most as the two, why is that? His ADP seemed a bit high to me at first, but the more I looked into Stefon, the more clear it is that he is going to have a good season, a WR1 potential season.

Most people consider Adam Thielen the number one on the team, at least that’s how he’s being drafted. Last season happened the way it did for a few reasons. He might have had more fantasy points last season, but that’s a symptom of Quarterback play. Case Keenum is a game manager type, like Alex Smith or Joe Flacco. So, he looked for the bigger guys like Rudolph, and Thielen, who, should both see some regression this season.

Keenum had 481 attempts, 325 completions, 3547 yards, and 22 touchdowns. To contrast that, Captain Kirk had 540 attempts, 347 completions, 4093 yards, and 27 touchdowns. Kirk had 59 more attempts, 22 more completions, 546 more passing yards, and 5 more touchdowns than Keenum. That is going to be spread to several players on the team, but Stefon Diggs should get a nice share considering he’s a talented, fast and sure handed receiver.

Overshadowed by Thielen, Diggs quietly had 8 touchdowns and 862 yards in 2017. He missed 2 games, which is better than his prior two seasons of missing 3 games each, but he’s fully healthy, and ready to take advantage of his powerhouse quarterback, Kirk Cousins. I have Diggs relatively high in the 3rd round after initially having him at the back-end of the 3rd round.

I am only mildly skeptical about how Kirk Cousins syncs up with field-stretcher Diggs, or any of the Vikings. Hopefully, you draft after the 3rd week of the preseason. This way you can get a glimpse into the rest of the season first before committing to anyone. For now, this talented receiver, who has had some injury concerns in his career, thus far, who may only give you 13 games may, despite that, be worthy of an early roster spot.

I will admit that he’s a risky player to draft in the third round, but that’s why he’s in the 3rd round. The risk is built into his price. If he plays all 16 games and Cousins continues to be the Quarterback he’s been for the last few years, then Stefon Diggs is one of my favorite candidates to be a WR1 that is drafted outside of the top 12 receivers. If you could see me, you would see me smiling because he’s currently the consensus 13 ranked receiver off the board. Seriously though, I cannot see Diggs getting less than 130 targets, 85 receptions, 1000 yards, and 9 touchdowns.

The biggest risk in drafting Diggs is the potential games he may miss due to injury. I don’t like considering injury into the equation when projecting how a player will do, but there are some players that you should consider it because they have given you no reason to think otherwise. Stefon Diggs gives us no reason to believe that he will play a full season, but, call it instinct or delusion, my prognostication is that Punxsutawney Diggs will see a full season in 2018, which will lead to a WR1 ranking.

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