What I learned from the NFL Preseason: Week 1

Part 2

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This is what I learned about each fantasy relevant player in the NFL after week one of the preseason.


Cam Newton is one of a kind. He shouldn’t concern himself with his inaccuracies because he makes up for it with everything else he does. Name another quarterback in the league with as many rushing TD’s and yards as Cam? The thing is, for some reason, you have to own him every other year if you want fantasy value from him. In 2013 he was the 3rd ranked QB. In 2014 he was ranked 17th. In 2015, ranked 1st…2016, ranked 17th! And last season he was ranked 2nd. So beware this season 🙂

Christian McCaffrey is going to be as big a part of the offense as the coach keeps telling us.

Olsen looked a bit tired and slow, but I’ll give him a break. He hasn’t played in a bit and he’s a little older.

DJ Moore was noteworthy.

I am certain C.J. Anderson will be used more than people get the impression. He might be the goal line back, in addition to potentially getting 1st and 2nd down work too.


I LOVE Kelvin Benjamin. I don’t like the whole Cam Newton controversy, but such is life. Benjamin is one of my guys this season because the Bills are seen as a bad team. They might be, but garbage time still counts in fantasy football.

Between Peterman and Josh Allen, quarterback concerns on Buffalo have been quashed. I am not worried about the pass catchers on the Bills anymore.

Ivory didn’t get much action, but he looked good.

Wowie-Zowie, Marcus Murphy was electric. He was fast and furious. It seemed at times that he might be too fast for himself. Like his legs were moving faster than his upper body could handle, but maybe not fantasy relevant yet.

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Uhmmm not much to say here about the Rams. I didn’t see anything to report except…

John Kelly stood out. Gurley owners should own Kelly, not Malcolm Brown. I don’t usually advocate for handcuffs, but Gurley would be your biggest draft investment. It might be a decent idea to consider getting the backup, but make sure they are 100% the backup first. Kelly will need the next game or two in the preseason to help us decide if he’s the undisputable handcuff or not.  


Flacco’s revved up, like someone’s about to steal his job. Ravens of a feather Flacco together or something like that.

Lamar Jackson was tight! He did all the things he did in college, but on an NFL level. Yes, it was preseason against vanilla defenses, but still, he looks ready to contribute. A lot of the rookies are looking ready. I would love to see Jackson start this season, but being under the wings of veteran, and Super Bowl winner Flacco for a season or two will benefit Jackson.

Alex Collins is legit, but Buck Allen is going to be a Touchdown vulture all season because he looked decent enough to take away some carries and receptions.

So, Hayden Hurst is going to be a fantasy contributor in 2018. Where do you draft him though? With your last pick? Will his ADP rise? Probably.

Crabtree didn’t get much playing time, but seeing this much improved offense in action gives more hope for Crabtree. He has to move up my rankings a bit.

Ravens D was top notch. Really good. Really really good.  

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Dion Lewis looked a bit better to my eyes than Derrick Henry, but they were so close on their couple of attempts. There’s not enough data to extract anything valuable from this first game. Neither RB had a reception. Henry had 1 more carry, at 3 carries.

Mariota was mobile and looked good. I am looking forward to the second Titans game so I can see more of this young upcoming team.


Jamaal Williams impressed with his legs, and his hands.

Davante Adams made me rethink his draft ranking. He deserves his ADP #18 (Average Draft Position) and ECR WR #7 (Expert Consensus Ranking).

Ty Montgomery is going to be part of this RBBC – I wonder where Aaron Jones fits in when he comes back.


Tyreek Hill is a great football player. He’s not a gadget receiver. Hill is in a 1a /1b wide receiver situation with Sammy Watkins.

Mahomes should drop in draft ranks because he seems less ready this season than he did last preseason.

Kelce is the number 1 pass catcher on the team. He might be the number one TE this season.


Watson looked INCREDIBLE! Just kidding. He was in for one play. I can’t wait to see him play some more.

Lamar Miller performed admirably. He will have the backfield to himself in 2018, it seems.

Jordan Atkins impressed me more than Bruce Ellington or Braxton Miller did. Whos’ the number 3 wide receiver on this team?

Please drop a comment below so I know you’re reading this. I want to hear your disagreements with my points or assessments.

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