What I learned from the NFL Preseason: Week 1

Part 4

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This is what I learned about each fantasy relevant player in the NFL after week one of the preseason.


This Lions team is filled with running back talent this season. I was high on Ameer Abdullah last season, now he’s the 15th RB on the depth chart. He was the same in preseason as he was last season, dynamic, if no one touches him.

Legarrette Blount is going to have a big role in this offense, especially in the beginning of the season, which makes me a bit lower on Kerryon Johnson who looked amazeballs.

Kerryon seemed nervous on the first few plays, but he looked ready to help his team this season. Pass blocking? Check. Patient? Check. Big, quick, and ready to score touchdowns – you betcha! I want him on my team with the expectation of an early to mid season breakout.


Marshawn Lynch just jumped up everyone’s draft boards. They were like, he’s how old?!

I want to see Doug Martin play more so I can I can give you my fantasy advice – it’s all about me. I mean us. Will Doug Martin be involved in the passing game? Is Deandre Washington or Jalen Richard anything more than just fill-ins for when the champ is tired? Yeah, they are. Am I going to answer all my own questions…probably.

Johnny Holton, Martavis Bryant and Paul Butler all have fantasy potential this season. I don’t trust Jordy Nelson to play all 16 games. Amari Cooper is locked in for the WR1 with a million targets, but a few need to go elsewhere. Who will it be. I’m not sure its Bryants Job, like many assume.

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The New York Jets are going to surprise everyone this season. They play in NJ, which Irks me because both NY teams play in an adjacent state, how, why, wtf?!

Anyway, all 3 Quarterbacks played well. Bridgewater and Darnold may both be in competition with Mccown looking on like a proud pappa, who, if needed, can come back in and lead the team.

Sam Darnold made me proud to be a Jets fan again. The missing piece, as I’ve been saying for years, is a team leader, a quarterback that can actually get it done. Now we have 3 of them.

Powel is an incredible value on a Jets team that may be playing from behind, as he’s the pass catching RB on the team. He can rush the ball too, but the jets do not seem to want to give him that opportunity much. They have Rawls on the team too, and Crowell, more importantly, who was injured a bit in the first game, but he’ll be fine for the regular season. The Crow could be a sneaky pick in the middle rounds. He is going to be the starter on the Jets, right?

Charles Johnson showed some veteran potential. He is in a good position to add value to a wide receiver needy team.

Jermaine Kearse had a nice play. He should be the prime candidate to see more playing time behind Robby Anderson. Although, TE Neil Sterling might end up ahead of him in targets.



Yup – I learned nothing. They showed us nothing. Maybe, I learned that the Falcons used game 1 of the preseason to see how their new guys do, or see how guys who came back from injury feel after a game. Good on you Falcons.

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Small sample size, but Keenum didn’t look great.

Demaryius Thomas had a nice play.

Royce Freeman is the clear cut number one on this team, and he’s ready for the task. I am moving him up my rankings.

Courtland Sutton had two nice plays even though only one was recorded. He thwarted a would be easy interception in the endzone. It shows he is protecting his QB and team. He’s playing for them. Also, it shows me that they like him as an end zone target.


Stefon Diggs was as sick and dope and whatever 90’s Jargon I can muster. It justified, for now, putting Diggs ahead of Thielen, which seems to be uncommon among analysts.

Kirk Cousins is going to outperform his ADP.

Latavius Murray may be too involved, which may lower Cooks value a bit.

Roc Thomas was the real star of the first preseason game for the Vikings. Not fantasy draftable because of Latavius and Cook, but I have one eye on him. I would love to see him get a few carries against a first team defense in preseason.


Geno Smith was solid! Did I just write that? I mean its Rivers’ team, but if he went down, your Chargers offensive weapons would probably be safe.

Melvin Gordon is good, and the primary back, duh.

Ekeler is a good pass catching back. If an injury were to occur to Gordon, who would back him  up, Justin Jackson, who we didn’t get to see in the NFL yet, or Ekeler? Most would say Ekeler, but I think that would be wrong, but we’ll have to wait and see another preseason week, one where Justin Jackson is playing, hopefully.  

Virgil Green dropped a pass (or was it two or three?). So, in my mind MIke Williams is going to have 8 touchdowns. Seriously though, Mike Williams showed well. I’m really high on him this season. Please don’t bust on me big Mike!


Bradford looked more decisive and less scared than I’ve ever seen him, which is nice.

Rosen looked like a pro most of the time, but he showed his rookiness a few times, kind of how I show mine in my writing, but the both of us will improve over time. Hopefully, for him, Rosen will improve more quickly than my writing skills. Rosen passed my eyeball test though, and I hope he gets to wait a season to start. He can learn from Bradford, and get settled into the NFL and the Cardinals Offense. It would be best for him, but it may not be in the cards considering Bradford’s injury history.

David Johnson is going to get to his goal of 1000 rushing and 1000 receiving yards this season. Don’t forget to add to that 10-50 touchdowns. I really do think he’ll get to that goal, but who knows how many touchdowns, I think at least 12. I can understand the apprehension by most fantasy players to draft DJ after his injury in the first game of the season in 2017. The thing is, he’s really, absurdly, wildly, talented. Last year’s hand injury was fluky. He’s going to be healthy and a monster fantasy asset. You can draft him first and feel good.

Chase Edmonds was studley, but he won’t be fantasy relevant unless Johnson gets injured. If you own Johnson, draft Edmonds. Not only is he the clear backup to me, he’s capable of performing, and producing fantasy acceptable to fantasy happy numbers.

Christian Kirk should be the 2 on the team, but Brice Butler may beat him out for the spot. I am watching this battle, but it’s the TE, Ricky Seals-Jones that may be the 3rd in targets on the team behind Fitzgerald and DJ.

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