NFL Preseason Week 3:

2018 Fantasy Football DRAFT TIME!

Part 2

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No intro needed, just right into it because drafts are here or you’ve already had one and in that case I wish I could’ve put this out sooner.


Always a man among boys, Ben Roethlisberger is a champion. Now, he has a few more weapons to his already obscene arsenal.

James Conner is a startable Running Back on most other teams. So, he’s a hell-of-a handcuff, if you feel you need one. I wouldn’t draft him. I would rather take someone else’s sure handcuff like John Kelly, Gurley’s backup.

Jaylen Samuels is listed as a Tight End in some places and a Running Back in others. I’m not sure what they end up using him as or listing him as, but if there’s a chance I can get a designated Tight End that’s really a running back in that slot, I may consider him as a flier at the end of a draft or in deeper leagues.  

JuJu is hotness right now, but I’m concerned because of his draft price, 4th round in 12 team leagues. That’s too high for me considering you can still get Wide Receiver ones in that round. Doug Baldwin or JuJu? Larry Fitzgerald or JuJu? Plus, they added James Washington, who didn’t see much action, but figures to be a part of this offense too.

At tight end we have not yet seen Vance McDonald, but we have seen Jesse James. He looks good enough to be targeted in the end zone occasionally, if Vance doesn’t start the season. I draft neither unless I’m desperate or in deep leagues. Vance is intriguing though it would’ve been nice to see him in the preseason.


I’m starting to get concerned for the Titans. Even though Marcus Mariota is mobile, they seem to stuck trying to get the offense going. I’m not running scared yet, but it’s concerning and typically this concern only draws me away from most Titans, except Dion Lewis.

I don’t draft Dion Lewis a lot, but I like that he’ll be involved as a pass catcher, which seems to be conducive to the way I see the game scripts flowing.


Andrew Luck is going to throw the ball a lot, even to his Running backs. The style of offense is going to revolve around him, as it should. They will be passing the ball a lot this season because their Defense is going to force the Colts to put up points or at least try. Luck is a perfect rebound candidate. He will be end in the top 10 this season.

…and if he gets injured, Jacoby Brissett is a mighty fine backup. He’s one of the top among the backup Quarterbacks.

If Marlon Mack doesn’t make it back for the first game, dealing with a Hammy, an RBBC of Jordan Wilkins, and Christine Michael will be employed. I prefer Jordan Wilkins because he’s legit, but Christine Michael has the regular NFL season experience. I can’t discount Nyheim Hines who was hyped coming into the draft season, but I will not be drafting him, not even in deeper leagues because I think he’ll be limited by either the targets or his capabilities as a rookie.

Tight End Eric Ebron might have finally found a home that will utilize his athleticism. He just has to stay healthy. This is Ebron’s Breakout season.

TY Hilton is exactly where he should be in the 3rd round of drafts. He’ll be a low end WR1, high end WR2. Luck and Hilton should hook up more consistently than they have in the past because he’s one of few options for Luck, and as I’ve been saying, game script lends to Luck and Hilton syncing up a lot.

Outside of Hilton, there’s Ryan Grant and Chester Rogers. One of them will emerge to be a worthy fantasy asset and the other boom bust. Maybe they both become boom bust players because Luck loves to use his Tight Ends, like Ebron and Jack Doyle.


Jimmy Handsome Garoppolo will have his struggles this season, but he’s talented. I’m more worried about the weapons around him. So, as a later round draft pick, you could do worse.

Where do I put Alfred Morris after that performance? He was good. He was better than I anticipated. He’s probably better than Matt Breida, and Joe Williams.

Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin, and George Kittle should see all the targets this season…and when Mckinnon comes back, he’ll be in that mix. There’s a good dose of targets to go around. There should be 500 plus.


I’m worried about Miami this year, especially that offensive line, but for fantasy purposes, they should produce a few relatively useful fantasy players. Ryan Tannehill has a low probability of being better than so many other Quarterbacks.

I can’t exactly point to it, but I never, not once, in any Mock draft, signed Kenyan Drake. I might regret that, but I doubt it.

Wide Receiver Danny Amendola may be involved this year.

I only want WR Kenny Stills on Miami because Devante Parker may not be ready for week one.


Lamar Jackson is the future of Baltimore. I am not in a rush to see him start because I believe Joe Flacco still has some fire left in him.

Kenneth Dixon shouldn’t be ignored if you draft Alex Collins, or even if you don’t. Hyped up player who has been injured since entering the league. He seems healthy now though, and I could see him taking some carries away from Collins. Beside, they have Buck Allen too, who is sure to do his vulture thing.  

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Marqise Lee is out for the season.

The big question from this news is what receiving target steps up? I think Keelan Cole is the biggest beneficiary with Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Donte Moncrief being the next men up. Dede Westbrook, and DJ Chark both have a chance to be relevant, but I think the talent in front of them will overshadow them, for now.

The Jaguars are all about the Running Backs. Yes, plural. While Leonard Fournette will be take the lion share of the runs, TJ Yeldon, and Corey Grant are ready to add value to the Jaguars now, and I’m sure that is not lost on the coach. With Fournette’s injury history, it may not be a bad move to look at one of these two as a flier RB with huge upside. Yeldon is my Target late in drafts, if I still need a Running Back.


Oh man, I expected this to be a return to the mean year for Matt Ryan and company, but this preseason has given me pause. This game was no different.

Tevin Coleman can be the starter if needed, but Devonta Freeman will be there, ready to take on the same role as usual, but his ADP has suffered because of the teams overall regression.

Austin Hooper is a great late round Tight End because Atlanta’s O-line will be having Matty Ice running all over scrambling to throw the ball somewhere. Since he spend the offseason with Matt Ryan, and Hooper is the big guy on the team, he is going to be targeted.


Some say Eli Manning will have his best season. He might. He does have all the weapons he could ever ask for, and an improved offensive line.

I might have written it before, but I’ll write it again, Sterling Shepard is the best value on the Giants in fantasy Drafts. Although, Engrams Concussion has had him drop a bit. If I was drafting today, I would be paying attention to him because he may drop a round or two.

Oh no. Jonathan Stewart. No, man. He fumbled and we didn’t see much of him after that. Wayne Gallman is Saquon Barkley’s handcuff.

In deeper leagues, Cody Latimer is an injury away from being very relevant as a pass catcher on the Giants


Sam Darnold, aka Sammy Square Head (ok, only my uncle and I call him that), will make some rookie mistakes this season, but he could win the Jets a spot in the playoffs as a wild card because everyone knows the Patriots will win in the division, right? (indistinct grumbling – profanity, Patriots – grumble).

Isaiah Crowell, and Bilal Powell will be used in tandem. Much like Crowells experience on the browns, they will use Bilal on passing downs like they used Duke Johnson.

Quincy Enunwa is really talented. He and Darnold will be talked about at the end of the season. Not Darnold and Anderson, who will come back from his two game suspension as the number 2 on the team behind Enunwa.

Neil Sterling might be the starting Tight End for the jets. He got the job done this preseason. I don’t draft any of the Jets Tight Ends.


Detrez Newsome Is a deep, Dynasty league asset. Otherwise, Backup and pass catching Running Back Austin Ekeler had a really nice showing. He has impressed me so far in his short career.

Mike Williams may have a great season in terms of Touchdowns scored, but he probably won’t do much in yardage. Travis Benjamin and Tyrell Williams are great Wide Receivers and should have roles in this offense, which make all of these payers hard to draft. For red zone looks, I like Mike Williams the best.


I expect Drew Brees to bounce back in terms of Touchdowns this season, but he looked like he was getting old in this first game back. Anyway, looks like the Saints are preparing for his retirement. They just traded a 3rd round pick next year for Teddy bridgewater from the Jets.

Alvin Kamara is the real deal, but I fully expect that Mark Ingram comes back from his suspension and they both share the carries and targets. Mark Ingram is no scrub. He’s a top 12 Running Back. If he wasn’t suspended for 4 games Alvin Kamara would have been priced in the second round and Ingram would be in the second round with him.

Michael Thomas will have a record year because his Touchdown rate will increase.

Don’t forget about Cameron Meredith though. He’s going to be involved and should be a crazy value at his current Average Draft position, which is the 12th round in 12 team leagues. He is going to be the third target on a Drew Brees lead offense.

Ted Ginn Still has a place on the team, but he won’t be a good fantasy player because he will only have a few decent games, at best.


Andy Dalton was impressive. Tempering my excitement with the fact that it’s a preseason game, he looked happy and improved. He’s a good streaming Quarterback option.

Joe Mixon is going to get the work this season. I am not buying into it though. He doesn’t seem like he’s ready to carry the whole running game. They have Giovani Bernard too, but who else if not Joe Mixon? He is talented and he was highly touted coming into the league. This may be his breakout season, but I would bet on the bust, if I was a betting man, that is.

AJ Green is one of the best receivers in the league. Top 5.

John Ross is going to be a great player this season, and he returns the ball too. Ross will be Dalton’s field stretcher to toss the ball to in case of emergency. He’s fast so he should be able to create seperation, every time.

Boyd is worth noting too. He may actually be ahead of Ross for now, but that won’t last long. Although, Boyd was another hyped player a few years ago that didn’t pan out. Boyd is in the Kevin White Category to me, which is late round draft flier that has the upside making them worthy of consideration.

Are both Tight Ends going to be used? Tyler Kroft or Tyler Eifert? Do you draft either of these players? No. If you want to be ahead of the waiver or free agency curve, you may think about putting Eifert on your bench. Be forewarned though, he’s easily injured. So, wait, maybe it’s better to take Kroft? Don’t draft either.


Josh Allen was getting crushed all night by the Bengals Defense, but when he had the chance to get the ball out of his hand, it looked great. Bullets.

Nathan Peterman is an average Quarterback. If the offensive line gets Josh Allen sidelined, don’t expect much from Peterman. Draft Buffalo assets with caution.

Kelvin Benjamin is one of only 3 players I would consider putting on my team. The other two being Josh Allen, and Lesean McCoy. I would add in Chris Ivory or Marcus Murphy, but I’m not certain who’s the backup.

Chris Ivory and Marcus Murphy are in more of a crucial backup role competition than realized by most. The backup job to Lesean McCoy is important because he’s injured fairly often. This may be exacerbated by the losses they suffered in the off season to their offensive line.


Rod Smith is legit. He fumbled, but that’s because he was getting greedy and trying to do too much. He’s still one of the most talented Running Backs in the league that isn’t going to start or play very much, barring injury to Ezekiel Elliot.

The Tight End competition on the Cowboys is huge! They may end up using both rookie’s Geoff Swaim, and Blake Jarwin. So far, based on what i see, Jarwin has the edge by a few small increments.

I don’t trust any of the veteran receivers in the group to perform consistently in fantasy, including, if you can consider him a veteran, Allen Hurns. If I’m drafting any of the Cowboys receivers its Michael Gallup. Don’t get me wrong, Hurns can have a decent season, but I would prefer a several other rookie upside receivers in the eleventh round in 12 team leagues.


I didn’t mention any of the other Defenses, even when some of them should have been mentioned, but the Cardinals look back to their normal form, which is a top 10 defense.

Yucky. Sam Bradford does not inspire confidence or leadership. Put in the Chosen one. He is clearly the future. Although, rookie Quarterback Josh Rosen could benefit tremendously by watching the veterans and learning for a year.

Chase Edmonds is a rookie Running Back that can be flagged to be watched because he has showed that he can play at the NFL level and in a quality fashion. He’s probably David Johnson’s Backup.  

Ricky Seals-Jones didn’t have much action, and he dropped a ball, BUT on one catch he made me nod in approval.

Which Receiver will emerge as an integral part of the Arizona Offense, Brice Butler or Christian Kirk? Brice Butler always seemed to be underutilized wherever he was, but maybe I’m not seeing something the coaches see. I like Christian Kirk a lot, but there’s a lot to be said about the Experience in the NFL that Butler already has. Butler should start the season ahead of Kirk, but it’s up to Kirk as to where they end the season because he’ll have plenty of opportunity to show off his skills.

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