Julian Edelman

Week 4/Week 5

Suspended, Injured, Sneaky Pickups

It’s Week 4 and there are lots of crazy things happening in the NFL, as per usual (The Bills beat the Vikings!). There are players coming back from Injury, suspension or otherwise. Take note of some of these high end players: Hunter Henry and Hayden Hurst at the Tight end position, Robert Turbin on a Running Back needy team, and Julian Edelman on a Receiver needy team (now getting two amazing receivers back at the same time). If someone dropped Edelman in your league, obviously, pick him up. He is worthy of consideration for trades too.

Julian Edelman Tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs (P.E.D’s). There may be a bigger story here, that I will get into one day. Like what PED’s are, and should some of them be allowed because they allow athletes to recover better with little to no side effects. BUT, that’s for a different article. This is about the value Julian Edelman brings to the Patriots, especially now with off-the-field-troubled Josh Gordon on the field too, keeping defenses honest. I believe Gordon cleans his act up on the Patriots, for the Patriot…for Belichick, and stabilizes his career this season.

Without a solid slot receiver, like Julian Edelman, the Patriots have been lost. This week 4 will give Gordon a chance to be on the field with the offense, and then Edelman is back next week to be Brady’s favorite target. The most affected receiver from Josh Gordon coming onto the team and Edelman coming back from suspension is Chris Hogan, more than Phillip Dorsett because it seems like he’s the more talented, and, more importantly, targeted player. Dorsett has built trust with Brady, whereas Chris Hogan has seemed to get lucky on the passes he catches.

Our recency bias makes us forget about Edelman and Brady’s connection because he missed last season and he’s missing the first 4 games this season. In 2016, he had 1106 yards on 159 targets, 98 receptions. He only had 3 Touchdowns (TD’s), but that was down from previous years; In 2015, 7 TD’s; In 2014, 4 TD’s; In 2013, 6 TD’s.

In PPR, Points Per Reception, leagues Julian Edelman is going to be a Low end Wide Receiver 2/High end Wide Receiver 3 going forward. Julian is 32, but he took some drugs and got caught. So, what?! Big Deal?! Wanna fightaboutit?! Julian Edelman can start next week as a decent flex, Wide Receiver 2, if you don’t have a better option.

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