Le’Veon Bell & James Conner

What to do with Them in Fantasy Football, NFL Week 5

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At least once a day in some form or another, if you are paying attention to Football, even in a tertiary sense, the name Le’veon Bell, and consequently James Conner, and the potential for a trade of Le’Veon Bell comes up. All this is going on while Bell is stating that he wants to retire a Steeler, wants to play, when he’s on the field he will give it his all, and how he will be fine in the locker room, which I believe. The thing is, you have to pay attention to people’s language. Their intentions matter. What they say, how they say it, and what they intend matters.

Bell has said it very clearly, he will not play without a contract. What he’s saying is that without on par, going-rate money, relatively speaking, compared to Todd Gurley, Saquon Barkley, David Johnson etc. he is not going to play. More specifically, he wants guaranteed money.

It seems to me the writing is on the wall, Bell is not going to play for the Steelers again this season, maybe never again. Unless, Pittsburgh comes up with some miracle contract idea, defying all protocol and history, Bell is going to end up elsewhere. I’m hoping he goes to the Jets, but it’s unlikely. Some other, smarter analyst with a great argument I won’t regurgitate – I should note their name next time- said, the eagles would be a great fit, but I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of where he may end up. it’s not going to be the Steelers….


I don’t suspect he plays at all this season, actually. I would put money on it. Does Vegas have that bet?

I ask myself this one question, If Le’Veon Bell does play in week 7 or 8, what did the holdout accomplish? I’m not sure that anything changed if he suddenly plays without a contract. He is a smart man, and he has a plan. He will stick to his plan. His plan is to win. He does not plan on losing this fight. Either he gets guaranteed money or he holds out. That’s how I see it because, it seems, that’s how he sees it.

From a fantasy perspective, I would not try to acquire Lev Bell, and I would not get rid of James Conner. In that regard, I would seek out freaked out James Conner owners and make them an offer they couldn’t refuse because, you know, Bell’s coming back – link them to one of an absurd number of articles about his week 7-8 return. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news.

Buy James Conner because it is unlikely that Le’Veon Bell plays this season, unless the miraculous happens, and a contract or trade happens where he would get the guaranteed money he covets and deserves, or gets put on a team that would do that immediately…and if that team does not want to pay him the guaranteed money, right away, then he may fake an injury.

The bottom line is, if you have Bell on your team, Trade him for something good while the rumor exists. Otherwise, hold him. If you have James Conner, hold him, and don’t bug out. He’s going to be the Steelers starting Running Back, all season (unless something unprecedented happens). If you have none of the above, then seek deals with Conner owners.

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