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2019 Draft


As a lifetime Jets fan, I’ve seen it all. The great drafts of Brick Ferguson, and Nick Mangold cementing an offensive line for nearly a decade; Conversely I remember the Vernon Gholston’s and Sanchez’s of our world.

So, here we are, the 2019 draft where the J-E-T-S have the number 3 pick for the second year in a row. Many have discussed trading down or taking one of the prime defensive players available in the top 5. Having the 3rd pick allows you to choose a hopeful generational and pro bowl caliber player for years to come. However, drafting two offensive lineman that can solidify a struggling offense is enticing.

It’s April 24th, one day before the official 2019 draft begins. Some of us are excited to finally get a stud edge rusher. While I agree with this desperate need, the days when Gang Green had Brick, and Mangold on the line were good times, and it was with an inexperienced Mark Sanchez. I don’t know if I would trade a Khalil Mack for a Brick, and Mangold, but it sure is worth a conversation. An offense can’t operate without a line, but a defense can try.

Whatever the pick is tomorrow, I hope you enjoy this long awaited draft and the start of the 2019 football season.

Fan Writer: Avi Mizrahi


As an Eagles fan, who is riding the Wentz wagon at full speed, despite all criticism and doubts about his durability, and ability to stay on the field, (I) still understand the potential risk with Carson’s aggressive playing style. Our 9 time pro bowler, future Hall of Famer, and arguably the best tackle in football, Jason Peters, is inching into his last appearance in the NFL. I cannot think of a bigger need to address than the replacement of the Bodyguard. Keeping Wentz upright should be on top of the Birds priority list.

My prediction and wild dream would be the Eagles trading up to grab Cody Ford, a tackle from Oklahoma, for their first pick in the draft. This would probably mean moving Lane Johnson to the left side and Ford to the right.

This off-season, the Eagles invited more wide receivers for try outs than any other NFL team. With Agholor being on the trading block due to the $9.3M price tag, which the Eagles are not thrilled about paying, along with DeSean Jackson probably not being the long term answer for a speedy wideout who can stretch the field, I can see why the Eagles would want to address this wideout need and give their young QB some weapons. Based on the Eagles draft history and overall approach, I highly doubt that this would be the direction.

The Eagles could also benefit from reinforcing their defensive line depth. With Chris Long pondering retirement, the departure of Michael Bennet, and Brandon Graham being due for a huge pay day in 2020, I recognize this as an area of need. With the depth of talented defensive players in this years draft, I see the Eagles addressing this need with one of their two 3rd round picks.

One way or another, I don’t see the Eagles staying put at 25. They will probably be trading up to grab top tier O lineman or trading back completely out of the first round.


Fan Writer: Erez Pogrebinsky


This is the perfect draft for big blue who has, arguably, the worst defense in the NFL over the past few years. They have 12 picks in what is projected to be one of the best defensive draft classes this league has seen in a very long time.

The Giants can take a stud Linebacker, like Devin White with their 6th pick. If White isn’t there, they’ll still have a shot at a beast pass rusher, and the worst case scenario would still land them the best offensive lineman in this draft, Jawaan Taylor, AND they’ll still have the 17th pick for another great defensive player.

I really hope to see them pass on Dwayne Haskins, who will probably be there unless the Skins trade up. Drew Lock is the only quarterback I’d consider in this class, if he’s still available at 17. I’m not really considering Kyler Murray because I highly doubt he’ll be available. The Cardinals will grab him and then turn around, and trade Rosen for the Giants 2nd round pick. If Murray somehow drops to 6, then he’s going to be a Giant.

The perfect day for the Giants would be Devin White at 6, a pass rusher or O lineman at 17, and Josh Rosen for their 37th pick.

Fan Writer: Leor Zfadia

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