0-2 Teams, Pep Talk

Your guys got injured. Good. You lost in the first two games. Good. You’re projected to lose this week too. Good. @fantasypros ‘ my playbook ranks you last in your league. Good. Now, you have an opportunity to overcome the odds, to be the underdog, and then be the CHAMPION! Rudy…Rudy…Rudy!

You don’t win at the draft. You win by being a champion, who perseveres, and overcomes those defeats, and loses. In my main trophy league, a few years back, one Champion named Avi, went 0-5, squeaked into the playoffs at 6-7, and won it all. So, don’t despair, you too can recover from 0-2, and worse.

You have to play the waiver wire, and free agency. Don’t save your number one or two waiver claim or skip on using your FAAb budget for some future potential because that strategy hardly works. Take the best available guy for your team. Cut or trade anyone who will never start on your team either because you have better options or they are too unpredictable (boom/bust). Stay with upside on your bench (high ceiling players). Get guys that could step into starting roles, if their current starter gets injured or underperforms. Also, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being 0-2, you have to consider trades that may be difficult to do, but will ultimately give you a better chance to win. It’s week 3. Patterns are starting to emerge. Go with your gut, and make some moves.

Now, that doesn’t mean be hasty on getting rid of guys you drafted high, may have had tough matchups, are part of a new offensive scheme, new coaches, or new team dynamics. Understand that starting week 3, we are just putting the pieces together. For example, I’m starting to think the bears offense will struggle this season. So, calm down, and take a few deep breaths.

The point is…Never give up. Never surrender. You never know what will happen in football. Any given Sunday. The team that goes 12-1, and gets the bye week off could lose in the first week of the playoffs because Drew Brees gets him 5 points, and Keenan Allen gooses on him, but I digress. Football is organized chaos. To navigate through it, you have to look at a host of information: stats, teams, character, offense, defense etc, and make your best guesses. We’re going to be wrong most of the time. It helps to think like the coach because they just want to win. They don’t care about your fantasy football prospects.

Good luck! ✊😁🏈

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