NFL Preseason, Week 2: Getting Closer To Your Draft

Part 4

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  I can’t wait for Thursday night! We will see all the starters in the third, and most fantasy relevant week of the preseason. For now, enjoy this last installment of the second preseason week 2 games about the Titans, Buccaneers, Broncos, Bears, Chargers, Seahawks, Ravens, and Colts.


Marcus Aurelius Mariota is going to be a lot better this season. He’s going to run and throw the ball to everyone! He should rush for at least 3 plus touchdowns too. Lets just hope his throwing touchdowns land in the upper 20’s too. If these two things happen, which I suspect they do, he’ll be a QB1.

Derrick Henry is gigantic! I like that the Titans have Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry as their thunder and lightning. They are such contrasting types of players. Henry is going to be a bruiser, a goal line guy, and someone hard to take down if he gets into open space.

The two D’s are going to be doubly penetrating defenses all day! Dion Lewis is so good, and my prefered target over Henry because he’s dynamic, an excellent pass catcher, dangerous on any given play, and most importantly, he’s going a few rounds behind Henry and should perform similarly, maybe even better. The fantasy value of either depends heavily on the offense as a whole, which looks like its ready to take shape this season. So, all signs point to go.

…and if either of those Running Backs get injured, you will most likely see David Fluellen, who would do a great job.

My favorite Titan of the evening was Taywan Taylor. Impressive in both his route running and his pass catching, Taylor seems primed for a breakout season.

Delanie Walker has a mild injury and he started to plummet down draft boards. Calm down people. Don’t fall for the preseason overhyped injuries. Some are sincere and concerning, but most are not. Walker’s injury seems to be a sprain. He is going to be, as he has been, a consistent fantasy asset and a big cog in the Titan’s wheel of successful drives.


Pickspatrick is going to be disappointing, for the most part, with some sporadic nice play in the first 4 games of the season. Then, the ball and leadership will be given to the qualified and extremely impressive Jameis Winston. I love what I’m seeing from him in the preseason. He is a determined, focused, calm, poised, and great-armed talent that is going to impress us this season, in week 5 and going forward.

As much as I don’t want Peyton Barber to be the best back right now, he seems to be just that. Ronald Jones won’t be catching many, if any passes this season, unless he can show he can do it, which hasn’t been the case. Ronald Jones is going to move down my rankings a bit because he’s not ready, and Barber looks ready to take on the role. I doubt he holds the job because Ronald Jones should surpass him once he gets more acclimated to the NFL.

OJ Howard looked rusty in his first few targets, but looked better in later plays.

Cameron Brate is a one of my favorite late round Tight Ends despite OJ Howard being on the team too. Brate was confident in play and in catching the ball. He looked like a veteran pro.

Mike Evans is amazing. Don’t forget that. Last years performance was not his normal. He will be better this season, especially when Winston gets back in week 5.

Chris Godwin is going to be the number two receiver on this team, not Desean Jackson.

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Man, I’m rooting for the Broncos. Even more, I’m rooting for Case Keenum, but he hasn’t given me much to like. Maybe game 3 works out better for him, and his teammates. I’ll tell you what though, Quarterback Chad Kelly has a nice arm.

Royce Freeman is not 100% locked into a solid workhorse back like most think. Devontae Booker showed better in the second preseason game, enough to make me wonder how they will use Booker and Freeman this season. Freeman is the far superior back, and is 99% likely to take all the work.  

Emmanuel Sanders might be used in the slot more this season, but I’m concerned about the value of any of the wide receivers because Keenum is worrying me with his inaccurate throws.

Daesean Hamilton, and Courtland Sutton are going to be mentioned this season. Sutton more so than Hamilton. Courtland Sutton is going to turn heads, if the offense can get going in the right direction.

Holly Heuerman! Jeff Heuerman looked like he was trying to prove everyone wrong about everything. He was as hard to take down as it is to pronounce his name. If you are stashing a TE with high potential upside, then consider him as one of your options. He’s ready if the team is ready.


This was a rough game for Mr Trubisky. I love the dude, but he was in bad situations and he made some bad moves. I think he shakes it off and has a great season. Some are calling for it to be Goff-esque, resembling Jared Goff’s situation and subsequent performance after it changed. The only difference is that Trubisky should throw the ball a lot more, and he should run the ball, not only more than Goff, which says nothing, but up there with other rushing QBs, like Mariota. We get to see him in extended action in a few days. I’m excited. Are you excited?

I finally see what the analysts have been talking about from Trey Burton. I was hesitant, resistant, and even down on Trey Burton, but he was paid a lot of money, and he’s got the capabilities to be used the way they want to use him, which is a lot!

Anthony Miller is going to be a superstar.

Jordan Howard is a bowling ball with great vision, and he’s working on making his hands a viable option too.

Kevin White seems to have woken up. He looks healthy too, finally. White was the seventh overall draft pick in 2015, and hasn’t seen the field much. He didn’t play his rookie season, and only played 5 games in 2016 and 2017. He had a healthy offseason, and this is his final chance to make an impression. I like him and his talents, but he’s in a suddenly crowded offense. I wish him well. Good luck sir!

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Philip Rivers is going to have a good season, and if he’s sidelined, Geno Smith, as much as it confuses me to say it and see it, is a great replacement. Your Chargers offensive weapons will be fine.

Melvin Gordon is low on peoples rankings, which makes me scratch my head. What did he do wrong that everyone hates on him so much? He’s been in the top RB conversation for 3 years in a row. He’s a pass catching back on a highly productive offense when they need him to be, and he’s a reliable rushing back when they’re at the goal-line.

Keenan Allen is Rivers’ first read.

Tyrell Williams might be left in the dark with Mike Williams overshadowing him in the news and in game showmanship. Mike Williams had a sick over the top grab, above a defender, that will be the epitome of his season, picture above.


Russell Wilson was the number one fantasy Quarterback last season, and I suspect he’s going to do it again.

Chris Carson is going to be the starter at the beginning of the season, but if the Seahawks recent history is any indication, he won’t end the season there. They will also use Rashaad Penny, when he’s healthy (he might even take over the Job, which is what is expected), CJ Prosise, who was highly touted coming into the league as a pass catching back, which is the same as JD Mckissic (a pass catching back, not highly touted). Mike Davis is more of a traditional Running Back, and will be the change of pace, backup’s backup.

Don’t sleep on Tight End Nick Vennett. If you decide to wait on Tight End in your draft or need a super upside guy who may be more than a streamer, then draft Vennett late. 

Who the F&*k is David Moore?! He should be a shoe in to make the squad, and he may be fantasy relevant by the middle/end of the season. Maybe sooner, considering how needy the team is for quality pass catchers.  

Jaron Brown had a few sweet plays.


Jacoby Brisket-Brissett appeared more ready to start the season than Andrew Luck.

Nyheim Hines had a terribly poor time securing the football. He fumbled on a few instances. He must have had the thought, college football was relatively easy. The NFL is not going to be easy. He’s going to work on it and be a totally fine pass catcher and return man.

Why Does Christine Michael keep getting the ball. He looks weak to me. If Michael is “wide awake”, then Jordan Wilkins is cognizant of all things in the multiverse! Does Wilkins start in game 3? Probably, right?

Jack Doyle first, and Eric Ebron second in targets; These two tight ends may be the most targeted pass catchers on the team in 2018.

Chester Rogers picked up a fumble for a touchdown, and had a nice play or two, but he will be behind other talents, like Ryan Grant. The Wide Receiver battle on the colts is what I’m looking to see hashed out in the third preseason game, hopefully.


Joe Flacco is going to lead this team most, if not the whole season. If he is replaced by Lamar jackson at some point in the season, which would be an upgrade to all the offensive players on the team, it will be due to injury or terrible play. Not bad play. It will have to be horrible play for them to take out Flacco. Flacco’s Arm, tenacity, and competitive nature is going to keep him at the helm for at least this season. Lamar Jackson has served to keep Flacco motivated. I like it. It’s a good move because they get a Quarterback for the future and a motivator for now.

Alex Collins may have to be lowered a few spots in my rankings because Kenneth Dixon is healthy and played well. I am not saying Alex Collins isn’t the main Running, and Passing Back. I’m just dialing it back a bit because Collins had no competition, Dixon was injured, and now he’s healthy, which may pose a threat to Collins’ workload. Although, we’ve been waiting for a Dixon breakout for, What, 3 years now? Maybe 4 years?!

Hayden Hurst is going to be one of those Tight Ends that we talk about next season, a lot.

Willie Snead, Michael Crabtree, and John Brown are the pass catchers for the Ravens in 2018. Who will be the best pick in your draft? That is no easy answer. All of them. None of them. John Brown? He looked the best so far, but that’s just the first two preseason games.

Week 3 games, here we come!

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